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K9 Edge

Leteuer “tha Killah” des Ombres Valeureux (aka Edge) Weighing in at over 50lbs at just over 4 months old, K9 Edge is the newest addition to the 690 family. He is a MASSIVE boy, with a brilliant balance of social energy and powerful and relentless drive. We are expecting this boy to top out the growth […]


K9 Shank

Jacques des Ombres Valeureux (aka “Shank”) Shank was returned to his breeder at the age of 4.5 months, after having been labeled a “Riot Dog”by his original owner. His past owner found him too aggressive and too difficult to handle, claiming he had intense aggression with not only strangers, but with his handlers as well. This […]


K9 Cuvee

Cuvee des Ombres Valeureux Cuvee is the ultimate security dog. She has intensity and drive that are unparalleled with a calm demeanor that makes her the perfect companion. Those who meet her never forget her presence, her drive and of course, her bite. She is intense in all of the right ways. Her favorite activities […]


K9 Cyrrah

Cyrrah is the original 690 Security dog. She was originally purchased and trained in French Ringsport, a competitive dog sport focusing on protection, agility and obedience. Quickly, handler, trainer, and 690 founder Meagan Karnes learned that the behaviors in the sport weren’t always applicable to every day life. She began training Cyrrah for personal protection. […]