K9 Cuvee

Cuvee des Ombres Valeureux

DSC_0226Cuvee is the ultimate security dog. She has intensity and drive that are unparalleled with a calm demeanor that makes her the perfect companion. Those who meet her never forget her presence, her drive and of course, her bite. She is intense in all of the right ways.

Her favorite activities are swimming, playing ball and of course, keeping her world safe from bad guys.

Cuvee was started in French Ringsport from the time she was a young pup. She then progressed to working private security and personal protection. She also travels the country, working as a demo dog in executive leadership retreats with partner company, Sealed Mindset Leaders.


Check Out Cuvee doing some fun bites in the barn. At 8 years old in the video, her teeth are worn due to a life of work. However, this tough girl still manages to hold on!