Our Story

A note from the founder

_E9T0588Being a young woman who lived alone, I often found that fear for my personal safety inhibited the decisions I made. I found myself consistently avoiding certain areas when I took my daily run just because I didn't feel safe. At night, I never truly slept soundly. 

I felt insecure and I worried often. 

Enter my first K9. 

At this point, I was working as a professional pet dog trainer. Needless to say, I was surrounded by dog people from all walks of life. I remember driving past a park where a few police officers were working their K9s and I found myself instantly enthralled. I watched for quite some time, enamored by the power of the dogs they were working with. 

When I returned home, I instantly began researching. I contacted several well known trainers and the advice was consistent. "The only way you'll learn is to get a K9 for yourself". At this point, I never examined the implications of security K9s in my own life. I simply wanted to learn. 

I researched for months and settled on a local breeder. At 12 weeks old my first K9 came into my home. Her training was filled with tribulation. We were learning together and this was a whole new world I had stepped into. 

As she improved in her training, I found myself leaning on her as my partner and I found myself worrying less and sleeping better. As she intensified, I began running where I wanted to, and with her around, I never looked over my shoulder when I exited my vehicle at night. Now, I often travel cross country on solo road trips and never once to do I fear for my safety. 

While I started this endeavor just because I was enamored by the training and wanted to understand it, I ended up gaining a partner that gave me peace of mind and allowed me to experience life in a whole new way. In the 2014, I visited 13 new states....places I had never been...and I did so under the protection of my K9 partner. I guarantee I would have never taken those trips had it not been for her. 

With the help of my security dog, I went from feeling worried and always looking over my shoulder, to experiencing a level of confidence I never thought possible. I went from worried, to empowered and as a woman in today's society, this empowerment has opened doors I never thought possible. 

- M. Karnes, Founder and Head Trainer


Why K9s?

DSC_0155As founder of 690 Security, I started the company to help other people feel the empowerment my K9 gave me. 

Most people, when I tell them what we do, ask the question "Why should I get a K9? Why not just get a gun?"

True, you don't have to feed or walk a gun. But when faced with a threat, you do have to USE a gun. Are you confident enough, when your life is on the line, to use a gun and use a gun well? 

I can tell you from first hand experience, I am not. If my life was on the line, stress would take over and my decision making skills would instantly falter. 

Not to mention, in no way, shape, or form do I want to have to confront my attacker. If presented with fight or flight, I would choose flight EVERY TIME. My K9 gives me the ability to flee. 

A gun is inanimate. A gun never has my back.

My K9 has eyes better than any human being and can hear at frequencies we don't even know exist. The nose on my K9 can be utilized to smell even the slightest change of emotion based on the chemical changes in your body. Can your gun do that? 

My dog makes decisions when I can't. My dog watches my back when I may not know to. And, in addition to being an excellent visual deterrent, my dog in a split second can ASSESS a potential threat, and decide on and carry out a course of action in the time it takes me to turn around. 

In my opinion, there is no greater security system in the world. 

And no, these dogs aren't killers. They aren't going to pose a threat to your family. They don't bite anything that moves and you can absolutely treat them as a member of your family. They have, through a combination of both exceptional genetics and extensive training, simply fine tuned their decision making skills to learn how to manage potential threats.

They think before acting. They aren't aggressive. They are trained.