K9 Cyrrah

_E9T0534Cyrrah is the original 690 Security dog. She was originally purchased and trained in French Ringsport, a competitive dog sport focusing on protection, agility and obedience. Quickly, handler, trainer, and 690 founder Meagan Karnes learned that the behaviors in the sport weren’t always applicable to every day life. She began training Cyrrah for personal protection.

Cyrrah travels the country with her owner, providing security on daily errands as well in cross country adventures. In 2014, Cyrrah visited 14 states and plans to double that count in the next year. Cyrrah and Meagan are completely inseparable.

Currently, Cyrrah acts as a demo dog for Sealed Mindset Leaders “Teeth of Leadership” program, designed to teach executives and corporations about the fundamentals of behavior science.




Check out Cyrrah earning her Brevet in 2009

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