Our K9s

Meet our dogs


Cyrrah des Ombres Valeureux

Cyrrah is the original 690 Security dog. She was originally purchased and trained in French Ringsport, a competitive dog sport focusing on protection, agility and obedience. Quickly, handler, trainer, and 690 founder Meagan Karnes learned that the behaviors in the sport weren't always applicable to every day life. She began training Cyrrah for personal protection. Cyrrah travels the country with her owner, providing security on daily errands as well in cross country adventures. In 2014, Cyrrah visited 14 states and plans to double that count in the next year. Cyrrah and Meagan are completely inseparable. 


Cuvee des Ombres Valeureux

Cuvee is the ultimate security dog. She has intensity and drive that are unparalleled with a calm demeanor that makes her the perfect companion. Those who meet her never forget her presence, her drive and of course, her bite. She is intense in all of the right ways. Her favorite activities are swimming, playing ball and of course, keeping her world safe from bad guys. 


Machete de Sei Novanta

Machete is our pocket rocket. Crazy drive, a social energy that draws you in, and an intensity you wouldn't expect are all wrapped up in a tiny package that, while unexpected, is a force to be reckoned with. Machete wins everyone over with her puppy like expressions and her happy, go-lucky nature. But don't dare cross her....her size gives her an advantage as she's quicker than the typical malinois. Machete's favorite activities are dock diving, dog park, and of course, keeping her family safe from harm!



Jacque des Ombres Valeureux (aka Shank)

Shank was our most recent acquisition. He was returned to his breeder at the age of 5 months, after having been labeled a "Riot Dog". His past owner found him too aggressive and too difficult to handle. This "label" sparked our interest and we decided to investigate. When we met Shank, we realized that he was simply misunderstood. Environmental bombproof, this boy is completely fearless. He is both sweet and fiery and will grow up definitely having our "SIX".