K9 Edge

Leteuer “tha Killah” des Ombres Valeureux (aka Edge)

12795270_10208947565505315_9162702123643212592_nWeighing in at over 50lbs at just over 4 months old, K9 Edge is the newest addition to the 690 family. He is a MASSIVE boy, with a brilliant balance of social energy and powerful and relentless drive. We are expecting this boy to top out the growth charts at 90-95lbs (his Daddy is 85lbs).

After having raised his uncle in our program, after seeing his mom work, and after spending time with his “brothers” from previous litters, we knew we had to add a pup from this breeding to our clan. Edge hasn’t disappointed. He is currently training in IPO and Personal Protection and we know he’ll excel at both!