Security for women....by women

12141113_10207951850893479_8451934337207124227_o (1)690 Security Services takes a new approach to K9 security solutions. Founded by women entrepreneurs, 690 Security Services was built to satisfy a need. A need for safety and protection. 

As women in a modern society, we understand the need for security and home protection. In our modern world, there are threats abound and it is our job to ensure your family's safety. Our customers range from single women living alone who feel empowered by having a home security solution and partner, to families who install our security K9s to protect their homes, their valuables and most importantly, their loved ones. 

Security K9 solutions remove you from the equation of self defense, allowing you to move your loved ones to a place of safety in the face of a threat. Your K9 partner will secure a threat with no direction from you, so you are free to seek safety. 

An alarm system takes time for a responders to arrive. Weapons can be dangerous to your family and can be used against you if you aren't confident. In addition, a weapon requires you to be in the proper state of mind and keeps you in front of the threat until its handled.

Can you perform under pressure? Why take that chance?

Let your dog deter and subdue potential threats while you focus on what's most important....getting your family to safety.